Ardboe Coldstore Ltd choose Thermaster Rapid Roll Freezer Doors from SAFE-door Industries Ltd


When Ardboe Coldstore Ltd set out to upgrade their traditional solid panel sliding cold store entrance doors as part of a wider energy-saving investment programme, they didn’t expect to fi nd that installing modern high-speed Thermaster freezer doors would be such an effective solution.


Ardboe Coldstore is a state-of-the-art, sophisticated, food storage facility located on the shores of Lough Neagh in a tranquil rural area of County Tyrone; this central location makes it accessible to and from all parts of Northern Ireland. Close to the M2 and the major sea-routes at Belfast and Larne, or northwards towards the Port of Londonderry, it benefits from easy access to both the M1 and the main Belfast-Dublin routes.

The upgrade programme was overseen by Dr Bill Hayes of The William Hayes Consultancy, who was keen to identify the energy-saving opportunities of the offered solutions and to ensure that value-for-money was achieved.

The Thermaster freezer door is a twin fabric high speed rolling door which operates at speeds of up to 2 metres per second and provides a highly effective seal to all four sides of the opening. The air between the fabrics is conditioned to ensure that an effective thermal barrier is maintained between the two curtains and therefore acts as the insulation. In addition to this, a trace heating system is integrated into the door frame which ensures that the door structure is thermally broken.

For additional safety, the Thermaster is fitted as standard with 2.5 metre high self-monitoring light guards to both sides of the opening, which ensures that there is no possibility of a closing door striking an object.

Manufactured from heavy duty galvanised steel and polyester powder coated as standard, the Thermaster is built to last and engineered to minimise maintenance needs.

Within three months of their formal enquiry being submitted, the six Thermaster doors for Ardboe had been surveyed, manufactured, packed for transit and were ready for delivery and installation.

Before long, Ardboe Coldstore were benefiting from the energy and environmental improvements provided by this market leading product. Chamber temperatures became more stable due to the decreased load on the refrigeration plant, thanks to reduced warm air infiltration/exfiltration. Plant defrost frequencies were also reduced because of this, and the freezer chambers benefited from an improved health and safety environment as ice and snow disappeared through sublimation.


“Having met with Ciaran from SAFE-door on a couple of occasions, we were impressed with his professionalism and technical knowledge on their Thermaster rapid door product.

Since installation of these doors at our Ardboe frozen site, we have observed major improvement in chamber temperature fluctuations which has translated to significantly reduced energy utilisation across the site.

I would also like to commend their installation crew who were extremely flexible in their approach and worked closely with our Operations team to ensure minimum disruption at this busy site.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SAFE-door Industries to any prospective clients”.

SAFE-door Industries Ltd design and manufacture their temperature-control Thermal Solutions at their UK factory in Brampton, Cumbria and these doors have been installed both at home and in a growing number of overseas countries.

For more information on the family of rapid roll Thermal Solutions from SAFE-door Industries Ltd, please visit

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