B demands urgent action from new PM


The British Frozen Food Federation’s (BFFF) has called for new prime minister Liz Truss to act immediately to address the cost of production crisis being faced by UK food manufacturers.

BFFF CEO Rupert Ashby said: “The new PM needs to address the soaring costs being faced by the UK’s food producers or risk many people going hungry this winter.”

Mr Ashby said: “There has rightly been a great deal of focus on the rising costs of energy, but less debate about the knock-on effects it is having on businesses that keep the country fed.

“Our members have been hit with a triple whammy of rising costs for ingredients, packaging and transport all of which are driving-up production costs which will have to be passed onto consumers if they are to stay in business. This will drive up the cost of the weekly shop making feeding a family unaffordable for many people.”

He called for the new premier to take the following action: Put in place a major support package that will reduce the price food producers are paying for energy

Ease labour movement regulations to ensure that growers and food manufacturers can attract more seasonal and permanent staff to harvest and produce the food the country needs
Permanently suspend proposed checks on EU goods entering the UK. The legislation has already been delayed four times and its introduction will only succeed in creating more costly delays for BFFF members importing ingredients

Take action to fight climate change and improve the nation’s health by reducing the 4.5 million tonnes of edible food thrown away by UK households every year
Reintroduce the red diesel rebate for auxiliary engines used to power transport food refrigeration units.

Mr Ashby added: “We have already waited too long whilst the Conservatives chose their new leader. We cannot afford further delays or the winter ahead will be one of the most difficult the country has faced in many years.”

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