B Medical Systems highlights the importance of ultra-low temperature storage for preserving cancer biomarkers


The use of tumor markers in diagnosing, assessing prognosis, and selecting appropriate cancer treatments has revolutionized the field of molecular diagnostics. However, the integrity of these biomarkers during processing and storage is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable results. In a publication, B Medical Systems sheds light on the paramount importance of ultra-low temperature storage in safeguarding the stability of essential cancer biomarkers found in fluid, cell, and tissue biospecimens.

By delving into the preservation of tissue nucleic acids and proteins, as well as circulating tumor markers, B Medical Systems provides valuable insights for the medical and scientific communities. Luc Provost, the company CEO, emphasizes the importance of maintaining stability and quality in cancer research. He states, “In cancer research, the storage of samples via ultra-low temperature freezers is critical. Many biomarkers require stability and quality, as various studies have demonstrated in our white paper. If biospecimens are used mainly for DNA and protein analysis, long-term storage at temperatures between −70°C or −80°C can be effective. To achieve this level of uniformity of temperature and sample safety, investments need to be made in cold chain infrastructure.”

Tissue nucleic acids and proteins play a vital role in cancer biomarker testing. The ultra-low temperature storage of tissue samples at or below −70°C or −80°C ensures high-quality nucleic acids and preserves the proteome profiles, enabling accurate analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins[1].

Circulating tumor markers, such as circulating free DNA (cfDNA), are also crucial indicators for cancer diagnostics. The preservation of plasma samples at very cold temperatures, along with the avoidance of freeze-thaw cycles, enables reliable analysis of these markers. Proper storage at ultra-low temperatures provides the stability of nucleic acids and other tumor indicators[2].

As a global manufacturer and distributor of reliable Ultra-Low Freezers, B Medical Systems understands the critical importance of maintaining the stability and quality of biomarkers in cancer research. The company’s technology-packed storage solutions offer precise temperature control, uniformity, and enhanced sample safety. The company’s commitment to compliance with regulations ensures the production of high-quality medical devices.

Securing the state-of-the-art cold chain infrastructure is crucial for researchers and healthcare professionals to ensure the integrity and reliability of cancer biomarkers, and ultimately advancing the field of oncology.

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