Cold Chain Federation Welcomes Re-opening Of Government Energy Scheme Worth £10m To Cold Storage Businesses.


Today the Cold Chain Federation formally supports the Government’s move to allow more businesses to join its Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme. The voluntary scheme currently provides members of the cold storage CCA with a collective £10 million saving every year.

Previously due to end in 2023 and closed to new entrants, the Government announced in March that the CCA scheme will be extended until 2025 and reopened for new applications. The Cold Chain Federation has today submitted its support in response to the Government’s consultation on the details of extending the scheme.

The CCA scheme was established in 2001 with businesses from a range of sectors signing up to meet targets for improving the energy-efficiency of their facilities, in return for a discount on their Climate Change Levy bills. The Cold Chain Federation administers the only scheme for cold storage businesses.

More than 400 facilities are already signatories to the cold storage CCA. Collectively, they have made a 16% improvement in the energy efficiency of their cold storage facilities between 2012 and 2018, beating the sector’s scheme target. As a result, the scheme has saved its cold storage signatories £10m each year in taxes. This total will increase as more cold storage facilities join the scheme.

Cold Chain Federation Chief Executive Shane Brennan said: “Driving energy efficiency is good for business and good for the environment. Through our Climate Change Agreement we are leading our industry to achieve this double benefit. It was such a shame that we were forced to close the scheme to new entrants in 2018 and we are glad the government has been convinced to allow us to reopen to new facilities. This presents the opportunity to save money and benchmark energy performance to more businesses across the cold chain.

“We are urging business to act fast. Applying to join the cold storage CCA is straightforward but it does take time and the deadline for getting your application to us is 28th August, so we advise businesses to start the process by early July. The Cold Chain Federation administers the scheme and we can provide support and advice to cold storage businesses wanting to apply for the first time, and to those wanting to add a new facility to their existing agreement.

“This is a very difficult time for our industry but we don’t expect to see another opportunity to join this scheme or a similar one for several years, so businesses should be sure they take this opportunity now.”

Businesses can find out more about the scheme and how to join by emailing [email protected] or calling the Cold Chain Federation on 0118 988 4468. Cold Chain Federation members receive 50% off CCA administration fees.

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