Genie Insights to exhibit at ITT alongside technology partners in a combined mini ‘hub’


Fleet and workshop technology specialist, Genie Insights, will be exhibiting at ITT in its own mini ‘hub’ alongside its technology partners. The company will be exhibiting its market-leading digital asset/fleet management system and demonstrating its state-of-the-art solar solutions for commercial fleets.

Modern vans, trucks, buses and trailers are running more and more auxiliary services with telemetry, cameras, communications systems, ticketing machines, fridges, air curtains and tail lifts/lifting decks, but vehicle and auxiliary batteries are not matched to these power demands. In conjunction with other UK-based solar and auxiliary power solution manufacturers, Genie Insights has designed a range of highly efficient solar systems to provide supplementary power for transport operators. Solutions include ‘trickle charge’ systems for battery maintenance and autonomous power to redirect energy consumption away from vehicle batteries.

Genie Insights is also an exclusive sales and implementation partner for Freeway Fleet Systems, a market-leading fleet/asset management software provider. Freeway will showcase its all-in-one software for managing vehicle fleets and other assets, with demonstrations of mobile apps for the workshop, compliance software and award-winning ‘Fleet-in-Your-Pocket’ management app. Visitors will see how Freeway pools data on defects, parts performance, fuel and mileage together with live data from vehicle sensors to help predict problems with vehicles, ensuring the fleet is kept running efficiently and in optimum condition, minimising downtime and costs.

Zhyphen manufacturers bespoke auxiliary power solutions to solve complex power needs/energy spikes, alleviating stress on vehicle batteries and alternators, or for idle prevention/reduction.

Freeway Fleet Systems, Genie Insights and Zhyphen can be visited side-by-side at stands 1045, 1044 and 1041 respectively.

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