High performance at low temperature: Yale solutions bolster cold store operations


Specialising in low-temperature warehousing and logistics, ICE Solution is one of the most modern cold storage facilities in the region. Unique in its field in Hungary, the company has been operating since 2008 and now holds two cold stores, located in Győr, suitable for storing goods at temperatures of -25°C. ICE Solution’s facilities can accommodate up to 11,500 pallets for its customers, which include leading poultry, milk, vegetable and fruit processors, as well as the largest domestic retail food chains.

To help its operations run efficiently, ICE Solution requires equipment capable of performing in the extreme cold. In its search for materials handling equipment, ICE Solution required a reliable, durable, and energy efficient solution from a partner that also offered rapid and reliable parts supply. With an average of 25-30 truckloads of goods handled every day, any delays caused by breakdowns would have a significant impact on the company’s productivity, therefore service was an important aspect of any product offering.

To bolster its operations, ICE Solution turned to its trusted dealer Pagát Gold Zrt – the exclusive dealer of Yale® materials handling equipment in Hungary. The company was founded in 1991 and offers forklifts for rental, warehouse equipment, aerial work platforms, mobile forklift ramps and used forklifts. Additionally, it provides equipment service countrywide with 18 service cars and 25 technicians.

A solution that provides confidence
ICE Solutions and Pagát Gold Zrt have enjoyed a relationship that has spanned over 10 years. “During this time, ICE Solution has made a number of forklift investments,” said Domonkos Csik, Managing Director at ICE Solution. “In partnering with Pagát Gold Zrt, we chose a company that helps us to procure materials handling equipment that suits our needs and provides continuous service.”

After careful consideration of the company’s needs, Pagát Gold Zrt recommended a fleet of 13 Yale trucks. On discovering the benefits of Yale materials handling equipment, ICE Solution was confident it was the right product offering for them. “We chose a diverse range of Yale forklifts to fulfil our warehouse tasks” explained Domonkos.

High productivity in sub-zero temperatures
“Our equipment has to work in extreme conditions, so it’s important that they are able to deliver the same level of output regardless of the temperature. The Yale cold store solution provides a stable performance – even when working at -25°C in our facilities,” added Domonkos.

The most important task the Yale trucks fulfil is utilising space efficiently throughout the warehouse area. Every day the company needs to handle pallets weighing up to 1 tonne in different shapes and sizes, and processes are dependent on each other for a smooth operation.

ICE Solution’s operation requires a truck capable of performing two-shifts with minimal downtime. Four Yale ERP15VT three-wheel electric forklift trucks transport pallets around the facility, with the narrowed tipping frame enabling the operator to move comfortably between the shelves and overhanging pallets.

The cold storage company also required a pallet truck that was capable of picking up and dropping off several pallets of goods at the same time. As part of the preparation process, modifications were made to the Yale trucks to achieve this. The Yale MP25T pallet truck was fitted with a 2400mm long fork enabling it to carry a load of up to 2.5-tonnes at a time – allowing the operator to stack pallets side-by-side.

“A great advantage of the Yale MP25T is that it is extremely agile and can work quickly, even under heavy workload,” commented Domonkos.

A combination of two MS15X-IL platform stackers, two MR16HD reach trucks and four MO20P low level order pickers work alongside the MP25T to provide high efficiency and fast response times.

“The Yale pallet trucks, forklifts and reach trucks combine to create an efficient working environment. Due to the dynamic pace and nature of our business, we expect the same dynamism from our materials handling solutions. Our fleet of Yale trucks not only meet our expectations, they exceed them,” concluded Domonkos.

For more information on the extensive range of materials handling equipment from Yale go to www.yale.com.

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