Load cells take the strain for fine-food specialist


Cheesemaker specialist, Fruitières Chabert has optimised its assembly and packaging lines with an innovative load sensor system, that enables faster production without compromising hygiene standards.

Located at Annecy-le-Vieux fruit farm, this family run company is constantly innovating and looking for new technologies to optimize each stage of cheese production, such as sorting and weighing. The aim is to comply with the strict PDO specifications (Protected Designation of Origin) for cheese which is distinguished by a number of quality labels.

France’s controlled designation of origin (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) also imposes rigorous requirements, so Fruitières Chabert’s technology suppliers had to be able to authenticate all the certification necessary for national and international export of its products, while preserving local know-how, respectful of Savoyard traditions.

As a result, the Chabert company, approached Fine-Spect, a company that not only specializes in dynamic sorting, calibration and weighing, but also has experience making machines for the agri-food industry. After assessing Fruitières Chabert’s needs, Fine-Spect created a specialist checkweigher, which contains a digital FIT7A load cell, provided by HBM. This load cell is based on the strain gauge principle and offers unrivalled performance in the field of dynamic weighing for the food industry.

Fine-Spect chose this particular load cell as it met all the required market specifications such as pure metrological level performance, long term robustness and reliability, corrosion resistance and compatibility with industry-standard communication protocols.

Mr Favre, Industrial Director of the Chabert cheese dairy says: “This installation will sometimes be subject to extreme conditions of use, for example, dismantling and daily cleaning using high pressure steam according to food industry standards. It is therefore essential that the equipment is robust and, at the same time, of the highest standard so that our technicians have no problem-solving problems quickly. The work carried out by Fine-Spect using HBM’s FIT7A transducers is a source of efficiency and success.”

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