Lorries Exempted From MOT Testing For 3 Months.


In reaction to COVID-19 DVSA has announced that all MOT testing of lorries and trailers will be suspended for 3 months from today, 21 March.

Lorries and trailers due for test in the suspension period will be issued with exemptions automatically. Some vehicles, such as those due for their first MOT test and vehicles returning to service with a test certificate that expired before March, will require an application for exemption certificates.

Commenting: RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said:

“These are unprecedented times that need creative and pragmatic new approaches. It is vital that all vehicles on our roads remain safe to use and their roadworthiness must be maintained at all times. Routine testing is a vital part of our safety culture and we believe it should be restored as soon as possible.”

The RHA does have concerns about the 3 month suspension. The Association believes that roadworthiness testing should recommence as soon as possible using qualified ATF staff operating under delegated authority from the Secretary of State.

The RHA believes delegating the testing to qualified staff, in a similar way to that done for car and van MOT’s, would be the most effective and safest way to restore the system.

Concluding, Richard Burnett said:

“Authorised delegated testing through the existing testing centres would increase efficiency of the system, will be better for operators and will be the most effective way to recover the system when testing restarts.”

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