Maintaining The Supply Of Commercial Vehicle Tyres In The Wake Of COVID-19.


Prometeon Tyre Group UK’s contingency plan to maintain its role in the transport supply chain is in operation.

Prometeon is the only tyre company solely focused on the industrial sector and the licensed UK supplier of Pirelli-branded commercial vehicle tyres.

Peter Fairlie, Managing Director of Prometeon Tyre Group UK, says:

“As much as possible, it’s business as usual for the moment. We are holding high stock levels of commercial vehicle tyres in our UK warehouse to ensure customer requirements are catered for.

“Service provision, normally from our Burton on Trent head office, continues: our team is accessing the necessary systems remotely.

“We have been in discussion with our supply chain to ensure that robust procedures are in place to ensure continuity of their service to us.

“Given the operational turbulence all businesses are encountering at the moment, some short-term disruption may result, but our customers can rest assured that we will continue to do our best to minimise any such impact on our and their operations.”

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