More Than Ever The Devil’s In The (Data) Detail Says SnapFulfil.


WMS innovator SnapFulfil is looking up during economic downturn with an increasingly data-driven approach to help weather the COVID storm and be in a stronger position when it clears.

For warehouse operators, both large and small, who play a pivotal role in keeping the supply chain operational, this means maintaining the flow of goods and managing the staff to do it – and a technology-advanced cloud-based WMS optimises personnel and resource allocation through the targeted data it collects and delivers.

SnapFulfil customers can now use the power of SnapData – the company’s fully configurable analytics and reporting solution – to identify business trends and make important operational and fulfilment decisions based on a strategic version of their truth and solid analytics.

When warehouse staff are at a premium and self-isolation and home work is a reality, coupled with a rapid change in orders, then having the data at your fingertips, wherever you are located, to boost the effectiveness of your available workforce, their picking performance, plus available space is critical.

SnapFulfil managing director Tony Dobson explains

: “Data quality helps drive efficiency, productivity and profitability – even in really challenging times – plus the additional benefit of SnapData is that it’s constantly evolving and being upgraded and improved.

“It’s all part of a cloud-based WMS that is not only intuitive and scalable, but has the capacity to deliver key business metrics, while at the same time enable operations to cope and then evolve in a fast-developing and volatile environment.

“Offering responsive support options helps change management by allowing the flow of data and order of operations within the application to be regularly updated – empowering management to store, organise, deliver, and track the accomplishment of work throughout a facility.

“Quite simply, it will be those businesses who harness the power of the data available to them and the technical infrastructure in place to move quickly and nimbly to meet the demands of the post COVID-19 world that are most likely to hit the ground running.”

With almost fully remote implementation it’s possible to have a cloud-based WMS like SnapFulfil operational in 45 days or less and it’s not expensive to set in motion, or difficult to realign. Being fully integrated also helps reduce the footprint required for storage and with configurability built in it helps meet the unpredictability of our current world of commerce.

Moreover, it uses rich functionality and real time management software to help optimise inventory, space and labour in the warehouse. Users typically benefit from efficiency and productivity improvements up to 30%, which basically translates into the ability to do more for less with the same resources – something we are all craving during these hugely uncertain times.

So, while your warehouse operations might be slowing down, it’s also an opportunity to take stock, plan and overhaul your WMS – from the comfort of your home as well – so that you are fit and ready for action when the tide turns.

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