New Beaverswood Floor Graphics – The Marker For Workplace Safety.


A new range of quick-to-install, eye-catching floor markers, which improves safety in the workplace, has been launched by industrial visual communication solutions specialist, Beaverswood.

The range of slimline, half-circle anti-slip markers can be easily placed on any flat, sealed surface to warn people, for example, not to block the entrance to a fire door, or that they are about to enter a quarantine area, or warehouse facility where forklifts are operating. Other important standard safety messages are also available in the range.

Tested to R9 (ramp test) to comply with ISO slip resistance requirements, the markers can be swiftly integrated with Beaverswood’s racksack range, or other bins, to facilitate the quick identification of waste recycling areas.

Manufactured from a quality, impact resistant laminate, the individual markers are held in place securely thanks to a high-performance permanent adhesive, which will adhere quickly and easily to most industrial and commercial floor types.

The markers are 750mm wide x 375mm deep to accommodate most commercial pedestrian doors and in between end-frames at the end of each aisle, while an ultra-low 0.45mm thick profile prevents pallets from catching the edge and allows pallet trucks to pass smoothly over the top.

Available in a selection of 12 text designs and eight non-text designs, the markers can also be supplied in bespoke print designs to meet individual customer requirements. More at or tel; 0118 979 6096 or [email protected]

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