New Hyster® Pallet And Stacker Trucks For General-Purpose Warehouse Operations.


Hyster Europe is extending its range of warehouse equipment with the launch of a new uncomplicated and cost-effective range of pallet and stacker trucks, ideal for general-purpose operations.

“We are adding to our existing range of warehouse products to provide even more choice when specifying equipment to meet your particular application’s needs,” says Rob O’Donoghue, Director Solutions – Europe, Middle East and Africa for Hyster. “These additional options are straight-forward, affordable trucks that will suit many general-purpose operations, but are particularly suitable for lower intensity applications.”

With a capacity of 2.0T and variable speed control, the new Hyster® P2.0UT S platform pallet truck is ideal for pallet transportation over short and long distances. The small turning radius also makes it suitable for lorry loading and unloading, with electric steering available as an option.

For stacking pallets in the warehouse, and some picking operations, operations can now choose the new “no-nonsense” Hyster® S1.5UT pedestrian stacker truck. Different mast options include a 2-stage NFL up to 3.5m and 3-stage FFL up to 5.6m and the low centre of gravity enhances stability at full height.

“These new, practical Hyster® warehouse products deliver a low cost of operation and an affordable alternative for fulfilling general-purpose requirements in warehouse operations,” says Rob “Straight-forward electronic components make troubleshooting and servicing quicker.”

Durable and fit for purpose, UT lift trucks are built to Hyster® quality standards, for a long working life using robust components. With maintenance free AC motors across the range, the trucks are waterproof and dust-proof and use CANbus technology to reduce wiring complexity. Various options include an on-board charger and lateral battery extraction.

The new Hyster® P2.0UT S pallet trucks and S1.5UT stacker trucks are an extension to the wide and established range of Hyster® warehouse equipment and benefit from the same support through the global network of local Hyster® distribution partners.

Both trucks are available now. Visit for more information or to find a local Hyster® dealer.

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