Questions invited for Cold Chain debate on Net Zero


The Cold Chain Federation is inviting questions for a live web debate about what Net Zero means for the cold chain. A selection of the best questions will be put to a panel of cold chain industry leaders and net zero experts for debate, at a Question Time-style online event in February. The debate is part of the Cold Chain Federation’s Towards a Net Zero Cold Chain project.

The event, which starts at 10am on 10 February 2021, will be the first ‘Cold Chain Conversation’ – a series of debates arranged by the Cold Chain Federation throughout 2021 to discuss the industry’s primary issues.

Questions can be submitted by emailing [email protected] before 5pm on Friday 5th February 2020. Register to attend Cold Chain Conversation – Defining Net Zero online at

The debate will tackle thorny issues such as what should be calculated in the cold chain’s footprint, how a net zero cold chain should operate and what changes are needed to achieve this collective objective. The panel will also discuss the key challenges and future mandatory obligations for individual businesses in the cold chain.

The event will be chaired by Cold Chain Federation Chief Executive Shane Brennan, and the expert panel will feature:

Professor Toby Peters, Professor of Cold Economy at the University of Birmingham
Professor Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kuehne University
Professor Judith Evans, head of Centre for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research at London South Bank University.
Dr Tim Fox, expert in sustainable food systems and climate change adaptation
Tim Moran, Managing Director UK of Lineage Logistics and President of the Cold Chain Federation
Tom Southall, Policy Director of the Cold Chain Federation

Cold Chain Federation Chief Executive Shane Brennan said: “Right now cold chain businesses are grappling with major and immediate changes due to Covid and Brexit. But when the dust settles on current disruptions, our industry will still be facing the challenge that will define the cold chain for decades: we must not lose pace in our work towards a net zero cold chain in the UK.

“Coming together to identify what form our future cold chain should take is fundamental to setting out a roadmap for our industry’s journey towards net zero. I encourage all those associated with the UK cold chain to take this chance to shape the debate by submitting your question for debate and discussion.”

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