“The Warehouse Auditor” Responds To The Corvid-19 Crisis With 90 Days Of Free Use Of Their App.


Free 90-day use of our Health & Safety App during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The Warehouse Auditor is offering free use of its health and safety reporting app for the next 90 days with absolutely no strings attached.

“We want to support the 3PL, warehousing, distribution and logistics sector by helping its workforce stay safe,” explains Sales Director Paul Miller.

“We are making our inspection app available completely free for the next three months to health and safety teams, auditors, and warehouse managers.

We’re not asking for any kind of commitment, debit card or bank details. It’s a genuine offer of help. Why? because we want to contribute something to the sector’s enormous national effort.”

Following an urgent enquiry about installing the app for immediate use, Paul realised that it could swiftly enable warehouses to become safer working environments, during the coronavirus crisis.

“Using the app and digital templates, eliminates the need for handling paper reports and physically touching clipboards by multiple individuals, in this type of environment. That’s something we want businesses to be able to take full advantage of, without costing them financially.”

Combatting the virus with a Contact-free App

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, it is affecting all walks of life in the UK, including the warehousing industry, which is playing a critical role in supporting the economy and people’s everyday lives.

Logistics workers are performing essential roles in the supply chain, but they can only continue to do so if they stay safe in the workplace.

This means maintaining a recommended safe distance of two metres, and minimising contact.

Unfortunately, health and safety (H&S) inspections involve plenty of paperwork.

According to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, the virus can remain stable on a variety of surfaces, posing a threat of contagion from contact. It is still detectable on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

“The less warehouse managers have to directly handle paper reports and pass them on to each other at close quarters, the safer they will be from contracting the virus.”

Free account for 90 days
• No obligation at the end of the 90 days
• No bank or card details are required. No contract to sign
• We are including the use of all 40 templates and technical support
• An account includes 3 licences (3 different facilities can use the app)

You can register via this link: http://www.warehouseauditor.com/#trial

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