Tiny percentage of damage claims show Michelin’s product confidence is well founded.


In the 12 months ending 30 June 2020, Michelin received just 769 eligible claims for damage under its free accidental damage guarantee – from nearly 120,000 entitled truck and bus tyres sold in the UK and Ireland.

Michelin says the claim rate of just 0.65 per cent highlights its unrivalled product quality, and demonstrates the safety, performance and uptime benefits of running a Michelin tyre policy. The company was the first manufacturer to introduce such a guarantee, with the programme now covering the majority of its regional and on/off-road ranges when specified as either original equipment or as a replacement.

Michelin has revealed the claims data to coincide with a major upgrade to its accidental damage guarantee, which now enables customers to process claims faster and receive a credit note within days of registering a claim. Previously all damaged tyres were returned to Michelin’s facility in Stoke-on-Trent for verification before claims were accepted – which could take up to 28 days.

Announcing the changes, Jason Cooper, National Sales Manager, says: “Introducing the guarantee in 2016 was a sign of the confidence we have in our products; being able to make the claims process leaner and more efficient is testament to the tiny percentage of claims we receive. We want to ensure customers are reimbursed as quickly as possible in the event of making a claim.

“We will still be verifying all claims, but the process has been streamlined to ensure any reimbursements due go to the customers far quicker. Based on four years of data, we’re confident there will be very few issues – and the customer experience will be significantly improved.”

Michelin’s guarantee promises to refund vehicle operators for accidental damage suffered before a tyre is 50 per cent worn, and covers tyres purchased as replacement products or as original equipment on new vehicles or trailers.

The guarantee is free of charge and offers customers the ultimate protection against the financial costs of accidental damage, whilst reinforcing the benefits of operating a premium Michelin policy. The firm says it gives owner-drivers and fleets confidence that in the event of a tyre suffering damage before it is half worn, they will receive a credit note for the unused portion of the tyre’s life.

The Michelin X Multi guarantee for regional tread patterns covers 60 bus, coach and truck tyre sizes, including all new X Multi, X Multi Energy, X Multi HD and X MultiWay regional tyres, in all available sizes. An X Works and X Works HD guarantee is also available for truck tyres used in on/off-road applications, covering 21 sizes, plus a further three sizes of Michelin Remix retread tyres.

‘Accidental damage’ is defined by Michelin as an impact occurring to a registered tyre which makes it unusable. The policies exclude damage suffered through road accidents, acts of vandalism, fire and natural disasters.

Michelin says only a very small portion of claims are ever rejected, and these are most commonly due to the tread being more than 50 per cent worn, claims for tyres which are not covered by the guarantee or flat spotting damage due to brake locking.

For full terms and conditions regarding the accidental damage guarantee, and for further information on the Michelin commercial vehicle tyre range, visit MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “tracking.garnettkeeler.com” claiming to be http://trucks.michelin.co.uk/

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