Top That As Award-Winning Ice Cream Brand Celebrates 10-Year Relationship With IPP.


An internationally-renowned ice cream brand that has scooped a host of industry awards and has a major contract with the NHS for its famous diabetic desserts is celebrating a 10 year logistics and supply chain relationship with IPP, one of Europe’s leading poolers of sustainable wooden pallets.

Frank’s Ice Cream, based in Carmarthenshire, Wales has been making ice cream since the last century when 13-year-old Italian entrepreneur Francesco Dallavalle arrived in the UK with limited funds, but a big ambition to establish a gelato empire that would be the envy of the world.

Almost 100 years later, Frank’s Ice Cream is exported back into Europe under the stewardship of Frank’s grandson Ronaldo (Ronnie) and a plentiful supply of euro pallets, courtesy of IPP.

The transparent relationship Frank’s enjoys with IPP includes the ‘One Way Trip’ pallet which ensures only high-quality pallets find their way into all of the major supermarkets, from where they are repatriated by IPP as part of the circular economy model.

The family-owned company which now employs more than 30 people, has increased its volumes year-on-year and now uses IPP’s online ordering service to ensure a regular flow of pallets.

Food service provider Yearsley delivers Frank’s Diabetic Ice Cream into the NHS on IPP pallets, which the Coventry-based company also repatriates back into use.

Ronnie, who is running the business with his son Dino, said:

“We have had a great service from IPP over the last 10 years. The relationship has grown along with our business, especially as we are now putting more pallets into Europe.

“The online ordering is a great example of the relationship because it is so easy to use and helps us to plan more effectively,”

he added.

Phil Storer, UK & Ireland director for IPP, said:

“Frank’s really epitomises our relationship with our clients in that we work collaboratively to make sure we provide an easy-to-use and transparent service. It’s a really strong partnership and we are committed to work hard to help Frank’s continued success in scooping awards. To be Frank – it’s what it’s all about.”

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