Trakm8 the right telematics partner for Airmec Essential Services


Airmec Essential Services, one of the UK’s most established specialist air hygiene and water treatment solutions providers, will utilise Trakm8 telematics solutions for its 50-strong vehicle fleet.

Based in Bristol, Airmec carries out essential services for a host of clients, including the National Health Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, and public and private schools. Following a competitive tender process, Trakm8 was awarded the contract not only due to the powerful reporting its telematics system offers, but also the detailed insights of the vehicle health of the entire Airmec fleet.

Tom Ford, Vehicles, Clearances and IT Controller at Airmec, said: “Given the vital nature of the work we carry out, it’s important that our fleet runs efficiently as possible to provide the highest levels of service to our customers.

“The extensive range of solutions on offer from Trakm8 allowed them to address all our key criteria when selecting our new telematics partner. Our priorities were to ensure ease of installation, have access to a detailed overview of the fleet via a system that is simple to navigate, and gain a greater understanding of the health of our vehicles and take a more proactive, rather than reactive, approach to the maintenance of the fleet.”

By working closely with Airmec, Trakm8 recommended the use of its Connect 430 solution that has been engineered specifically for the fleet sector. The device can be self-installed by simply plugging it into the OBD socket, saving time and money on engineer visits. In addition, through deep CANbus connectivity, it provides rich insights into driver behaviour and vehicle status, as well as highly accurate GPS location data.

Also recommended was Trakm8’s Connectedcare solution that provides advanced vehicle status and health data. By having remote access to diagnostic trouble codes and dashboard warning lights, fleet managers can be alerted to minor issues and put measures in place to ensure they don’t escalate into major problems. The system also allows fleet managers to identify unsafe or uneconomical driving styles to help mitigate risk and insurance claims, as well as saving money on fuel.

Tom added: “Through the use of Trakm8’s innovative telematics solutions we are now able to have a holistic view of our entire fleet that is simple to manage and the detailed insights allow us to identify areas where we can enhance efficiencies quickly.”

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