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InstaFreight is expanding its service portfolio: Besides the existing freight forwarding services, Transport Management is added as second service offering. After the successful pilot testing over the past 12 months with several large-scale enterprises including a shipper from the DAX30, the new service is now available to all shippers. InstaFreight remains the contractual party and with its technological expertise it enables businesses to gain operative and financial transparencies over their transport chain as well as to improve performance. In addition, direct and indirect costs are reduced by up to 25%. The active management of transports occurs neutrally and at open book rates.

In this new Transport Management service, a dedicated team of the Berlin-based company administers and optimizes the entire transportation process of the customer. The efficient management of overland transports is carried out by InstaFreight in their self-developed Transport Management Platform. Customers can use this service with already existing transport partners, for which InstaFreight takes care of the onboarding, but equally flexible can access InstaFreight’s network of more than 25,000 carriers.

“When large shippers approached us to further optimize their transportation network and costs, we extended our existing tech solution and linked it to the active management of transports, resulting in the Transport Management Service”, says Maximilian Schaefer, Co-Founder and Managing Director at InstaFreight. “The combination of an in-house developed TMS and a team of experts, which manages and optimizes transports actively, is unique in Europe and a revolution in the logistics industry.”

The new product offering also includes a variety of digital services. Process steps that customers previously executed manually are being automated and standardized, which builds the basis for transparency and indirect cost savings. These include the contract awarding and freight billing/-auditing as well as the processing of important operative and financial key performance indicators. All transport information, such as the estimated time of arrival for the customer, is processed in the Transportation Control Tower, giving the customer an overview of the current transports within a few seconds. The exception management for a fast solving of emerging challenges in the supply chain completes the services of the new pillar Transportation Management. “We not only create more visibility and indirect cost savings through digital processes but can save direct freight costs. As a neutral party we bypass the intermediary, who adds a large margin, and instead manage the many small and medium-sized carriers for the customer. Up to 25% can be quickly saved in direct and indirect transport costs”, so Philipp Ortwein, Co-Founder & Managing Director who together with Maximilian Schaefer forms the top of InstaFreight.

With several large companies including a DAX30 shipper, InstaFreight successfully implemented the new service this past year. Now, the new service is available to all interested parties from the shipping industry to manage their different transport needs. The implementation takes place within a few days, so that right from the start all transports are managed by InstaFreight and the processes are continuously improved with the data collected. Long and expensive analysis phases or high implementation costs are avoided for the customer. Information can be requested at [email protected] – also regarding a possible pilot phase.

“We win customers by offering simple solutions to complex problems”, emphasizes Ortwein. “As service provider for freight forwarding services and now also as manager of transports, we are bringing logistics into the digital age. Based on these two pillars we are building our continued growth leading to market leadership in overland transport logistics.”

About InstaFreight
InstaFreight is a leading digital logistics company for overland transport in Europe. Founded in 2016, the company employs more than 140 people across Europe and carries out several thousand transports per week. InstaFreight combines the transport capacity of more than 25,000 carriers in one digital platform and gives shippers access to this capacity. Through digital innovations, the Berlin-based scaleup creates transparency and efficiency within the transport process.

For shippers, InstaFreight handles transports reliably and without complications. By digitalizing the transport process, shippers benefit from efficient processes that save time and money, and a supply chain that is always visible. With InstaFreight, carriers can meet the digital needs of shippers, optimize their capacity utilization, and are paid faster at attractive freight rates. Further information can be found at

Contact [email protected] +49 (0)30 340603330

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